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Terms and Conditions

Comfort Club Member Terms and Conditions

Air Doc Mechanical/Electrical, LLC (Air Doc) and Customer hereby agree to the terms identified in the Comfort Club Membership (the membership). Air Doc will perform two (2) HVAC inspections by a qualified technician. An HVAC system is defined as one (1) furnace or air handler unit and one (1) condenser unit.  Heating inspection will be completed prior to winter months and cooling inspection prior to summer months. Water must be accessible on property at the time of service to clean condenser coils during the cooling inspection. If water is not accessible at the time of service, a travel fee may be charged for the return trip. Contact will be made in advance via email or mail flyer for scheduling purposes. If contact is missed and the customer does not contact Air Doc for scheduling, Air Doc is not liable for missed inspections or reimbursements. Monthly filter replacement reminders will be sent via email. If an email address is not provided, the customer acknowledges this benefit is void and does not qualify for additional discounts or reimbursements. Air Doc will not perform inspections outside of the unit's seasonal operation. No contractual inspections or cleanings will be completed, nor are discounts given once membership expires. Priority Status response time is typically within 24 hours and does not guarantee repair within 24 hours. Certain factors may delay response time that is beyond Air Doc’s control, such as but not limited to, weather, hazardous conditions, or technician availability. This membership does not include evaporator coil cleaning, air duct cleaning or air duct inspections and is exclusive to the listed service address and covered equipment.
Regular reports of equipment condition will be provided via email after each scheduled inspection. If the customer does not have email, the customer may request the inspection report to be mailed from the office. Membership and performed maintenance are not an implied warranty on the system and doesn't fully cover service, labor, material, or refrigerant charges if the system requires service outside of routine maintenance. Service charges, materials, equipment, labor, and refrigerant will be charged at regular rates, less applicable member discount (the discount(s)). Discounts and warranties are only applicable to HVAC services. The Enhanced Part Warranty covers parts replaced by Air Doc for one (1) year after part replacement and is only applicable if the covered equipment is currently on an active Club Membership plan with Air Doc at the time of part installation, failure, and replacement. The 20 Year Experience Guarantee covers the diagnostic fee and labor charges for the repair on a singular invoice if the unit experiences a problem due to an item missing during Air Doc’s semi-annual inspection. The Extended Parts Warranty and 20 Year Experience Guarantee do not apply if the part is deemed defective due to damages caused by moisture, tampering, negligence, vandalism, "Acts of God" to include, but not limited to, flooding, lightening, fire, hail or wind, or damages caused from work performed by persons other than Air Doc's personnel.  Freon is not covered under any warranties. Air Doc is not responsible for any damage and is released of liability for additional repairs needed resulting from recommended repairs declined or delayed by homeowner.  Customer agrees to purchase Membership from Air Doc for $30.00 per month and $15.00 per month per additional system, charged automatically to their credit card on file on the first of every month for twelve consecutive months. Customer agrees to make home available for annual maintenance on each scheduled date. Declined payments are susceptible to a $50 NSF fee. It is the customer's responsibility to provide Air Doc with updated credit card information.  
The intent to cancel this contract must be made within three (3) days from the date of the contract and must be in writing, postmarked by midnight on the third business day and received in our office. All discounts and contractual services rendered must be reimbursed in full and all debts paid in full and made payable to Air Doc before cancellation. Otherwise, all sales are final and contractual agreements are binding for one year from the date of acceptance. 

Multi-Unit Membership Terms and conditions

This subscription is an extension to the Comfort club Membership and not a subscription to be sold on its own. First, buy Comfort Club Membership then the Multi-Unit Membership for each additional unit if your home has more than one unit.
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